The Marsten Memoirs

A small regional game centered on House Marsten and the Vale of Arryn.
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 Time for change

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Time for change Empty
PostSubject: Time for change   Time for change EmptyMon Jan 30, 2017 9:18 am

"Just do it Brownie.  Sometimes we need a change to make a change.  Dawnmonth was a horrid mess.  Besides, I hardly have enough left to make it worth keeping.  Just try to let me keep the ears, yes?"  The man smiles at his assistant.  Brownie's a good man.  He doesn't drink to excess, he's a dedicated family man and he doesn't flinch at the dirtier side of healing.  As well, he works almost as long and obsessively as Ronnel.

Maester Ronnel sees Brownie nod in the mirror as he stands behind the rotund man, scissors in hand.  The tall, lanky fellow nods.  He begins with the scissors, snipping away until there is aught but sparse stubble on the Maester's head.

Then using some soap and the same razor Ronnel uses to shave surgery sites on his patients, Brownie easily, patiently scrapes away the rest.

There are a few minor scrapes, but no blood when he is done, so both men consider it a great success.

"Well, I'm still fat and ugly.  Put it back, Brownie."  The tall man's wide eyed shock turns eventually to laughter when he catches Ronnel's smile.  The Maester touches his smooth pate often, fascinated and bewildered at the new sensation.  Also, his head is colder now that usual.  He will have to get a woolen cap.

"Thank you Brownie.  Now we just wait and see how long it takes to grow back enough that we need to do this again.  Since this is outside your paid duties, there will be a bit extra in your purse today."

"I don't mind doin' it, Maester."  Brownie shrugs.

"I am glad of that, Brownie, but I insist."

((End scene - as of 1st of Cronesmonth, Maester Ronnel will appear as the Avatar.))
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Time for change
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