The Marsten Memoirs

A small regional game centered on House Marsten and the Vale of Arryn.
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 [Event] Night of the Walking Dead

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[Event] Night of the Walking Dead Empty
PostSubject: [Event] Night of the Walking Dead   [Event] Night of the Walking Dead EmptyThu Jun 28, 2018 2:32 pm

The 13th of Harvestmonth is the Night of the Dead.  The night when the ancestors return to the world and reward (or admonish) their descendants.  It is also known as the Night of Candles as it is believed that putting a burning candle in each window will welcome benevolent spirits and ward off evil spirits.  Many houses follow this tradition and the streets of Hartshorn are ablaze with light along with a large bonfire in the town square.  It is customary for people to wander the streets with candles and visit their neighbors and friends to enjoy food and company.  The tavern is full to brim with good food and cheer.  The town hall is packed with smallfolk drinking spiced wine and eating pastries.  By far the most brightly lit home in Hartshorn is that of the Taylors.  Every window is ablaze with candles and the doors are wide open for visitors.  While the Taylors do not worship the Old Gods, their respect for their traditions are well known.  Indeed, the only doors that are closed are those of the Sept where a small group of the most devout of the Seven huddle the long night away in prayer against the pagan darkness and the dead.

You may choose up to six options:

OR, you may forgo this Event and spend the night in the Sept instead.  Roll Will (Dedication) TN12.  Gain 1 Narrator Reroll per DoS and Septon Arlyn's disposition increases by 1.

Amorous Worship:  [Stealth (Sneak)+Agility or Athletics (Acrobatics)+Persuasion (Seduce)] minus [Status (Reputation)+Will (Dedication)]  TN6.  Does not count towards total DoS.  Gain 2 Specialty Experience per DoS towards one of the Italicized specialties.  You get caught by someone on a fail (-1 DoS to this event.)  You get caught by someone important on a critical fail (-3 DoS to this event).  (Make all five rolls separately.)

Clean-up:  Will (Dedication)+Endurance (Stamina)-Status (Reputation):  TN6.  No reward (hard work is often unnoticed and unappreciated), but it does add to your total DoS.  (Make the three rolls separately.)

Cornucopia:  Endurance (Resilience):  TN12.  Food and drink are plentiful.  Gain 2 Specialty Experience to Resilience per DoS.  Lose 1 DoS on failure.  Lose 3 DoS on a critical failure and take a -1D penalty to Status rolls for the month.

Dancing:  Agility (Charm):  TN9.  Gain 1 Specialty Experience to Charm per DoS.

Fire Watch:  Awareness (Notice) :TN12.  Gain 2 Specialty Experience to Notice per DoS.  Lose 1 DoS on a failure.  Lose 3 DoS on a critical failure and a building burns down.

Gather Firewood: Survival (Forage):  TN3.   No reward, but it does add to your total DoS.

Ghost Stories:  [Knowledge (Education)+Persuasion (Act)]/2:  TN9.  On 3DoS gain the Trait:  +1B in Persuasion/Deception tests with Youths or Adolescents

Sticky Fingers:  Thievery (Steal):  TN16.  Gain 20ss (not modified by Status) per DoS.  Does not count toward Event DoS.  Lose 2 DoS on a failure.  I strongly advise you not to critically fail.

Vigilant Security: Awareness (Notice) + Will (Dedication) - Persuasion (Charm):  TN9.  Choose a reward of either 1.  Double your DoS toward the success of the event, or 2.  Gain +5ss(NmbS) per DoS for looking the other way.

Weirwood Ceremony:  Will (Dedication):  TN9.  Gain 1 Specialty Experience to Dedication per DoS.

If you score a total of 12 successes or more, gain 1 TDP.
If all players score a total of 60 successes or more, all players gain 5 Ability Experience.

Awareness (Notice) TN21 for an RP trigger.  No Reward.  Counts toward DoS.  Does not count as one of your six choices.

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Regyn Thulan

Regyn Thulan

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[Event] Night of the Walking Dead Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Event] Night of the Walking Dead   [Event] Night of the Walking Dead EmptyTue Jul 03, 2018 3:21 pm

vigilant security.:

Regyn keeps an eye on the festivities. He ensures that nothing happens, especially with their esteemed guests.

Ghost Stories:

After Regyn finished keeping his eyes on the local ruffians, he travels to the campfire at the edge of town, where some of the younger adolescents are gathered around, sharing stories of hauntings. Regyn smiles and sneaks up to the edge of the fire. Then sat there climax of the story he breaks a stick over his knee with a loud bone like crunch, causing some of the kids to scream.

Chuckling heartily Regyn approaches the campfire, letting the light reveal him. He then gestures the kids to scoot over, and telling a story about a king who wronged a priest. The priest then killed himself and haunted the king and good tower. And occasionally the red robes could be seen see the old Kings Castile.

fire watch:

Regyn leaves the campfire if the youth, having sufficiently scared them, she begins to do another walk about. On this ring he sees one of the candles had fallen over, the wax bring imperfect and causing it to fail. He quickly spit onto his leather glove and moving careful pinches the wick off, preventing and fire from spreading.


Moving towards the center of town Regyn sees a large bonfire. Limber shadows danced around, thin forms without shirts swaying and jumping. Regyn takes off his own shirt, his own scars hidden by the flickering light if the shadows. Regyn dances well, especially for his age, only slightly slowed down due to his aching joints.

festival clean up:

Weirwood Ceremony:

Special notice:
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[Event] Night of the Walking Dead
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