The Marsten Memoirs

A small regional game centered on House Marsten and the Vale of Arryn.
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 [Recap] Fate and Fortunes

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[Recap]  Fate and Fortunes Empty
PostSubject: [Recap] Fate and Fortunes   [Recap]  Fate and Fortunes EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 7:38 pm

While the storms of the last month have been trying, the people are tentatively hopeful as we pass into Cronesmonth.  Despite the ominous predictions of some, the kind guidance of Lady Marsten and the inspiration of Lord Marsten, what could have been a great tragedy was endured and overcome.  Times are still hard, and may be harder still, but this is the Vale and Valemen are a hardy people.

House Marsten:  The House faces the winter storms and stands their ground.  Bandits lurk at the fringes of their land, but the guardsman were brave enough to push them back.  Still, constant vigilance must be maintained should they try to encroach further.  A few guardsman deserted, but a few gave their lives to protect these lands.  Their sacrifice should not be wasted.  (-1 Power)

Despite ominous predictions, Crinda continues to heal the people of the Vale.  While many might not like her sharp tongue, they cannot deny her skill at healing.  Many smallfolk still live because of her efforts.  (Godswood +3)

House Kreiger:  Lord Kreiger has laid down the law within his land and mounted a stunning attack, sweeping all those who would flout his authority from his lands.  The deeply pious Lord will brook no evil within his domains, though it costs him dearly.  (-15 Influence, +15 Law).  He stands, as always, a bullwork against threats to House Marsten.  (+4 HF)

House Lyras:  The beleaguered Lord Aaron is not so lucky as Lord Kellan.  His lands are rife with cutthroats and outlaws.  (Zero (0) Law)  Much of his military died in the recent war and what military he has is either barely trained or grass green.  However, he has managed, with a good deal of help from House Marsten and Luke, to mostly secure his borders once more.  He pleads for more help from House Marsten and Kreiger, but there is only so much they can do.  House Marsten is stretched parchment thin and House Kreiger was consumed this month with their own issues.  Lord Kreiger's sweeping attack while effective, drove many outlaws into the arms of Lord Lyras.

The outlaws continue to batter his defenses (-1 Defense) and his smallfolk huddle at the base of the Sunray Keep terrified to even venture a few feet from their front doors.  Despite this, House Lyras is still a worthy and loyal bannerman to House Marsten.  While he has not been able to deal with the bandits, he has at least managed to contain them and shield House Marsten from them.  (+6 HF)
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[Recap] Fate and Fortunes
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